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How CRMNEXT Achieved 1900% ROI by Focusing on the Entire Customer Journey

✅ 1900% ROI from using Terminus ✅ a jump from 45% to 92% influenced sales pipeline ✅ 80% increase in close rate...the CRMNEXT team is on ?.

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Rather than focusing merely on top-of-funnel activities, CRMNEXT’s marketing teams orient their go-to-market strategies across the ENTIRE buyer journey. From driving awareness to expanding customer relationships, they use multiple channels and data points to unify all revenue teams. And they have the numbers to back it up:

  • 1900% ROI from using Terminus.
  • Before Terminus, marketing influenced 45% of the sales pipeline. Now? 92%!
  • A jump from 18% to 53% with marketing qualified leads to sales accepted leads.
  • 80% increase in close rate (25% to 45%).