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Book More Meetings With Your Sales Development Team

Whether you call them Sales Development, Business Development, Marketing Development, ADRs, or any number of other names, your outbound team is the catalyst of any account-based program. By making warm, informed outreach based on watching which accounts are engaging with your website - and what they’re interested in - your outbound team can convert all of the hard work your marketing does into new opportunities for your sales team.

  • Target: Build unlimited target account lists based on a wide vareity of data filters.
  • Engage: Unleash multi-channel campaigns with personalized messages to those target account segments.
  • Activate: Keep your sales development team in the loop by alerting them to surging accounts and prioritizing their accounts in their CRM.
  • Measure: Terminus offers a robust analytics and attribution suite that measures your entire sales and marketing program.

It All Starts With a Target Account Segment

Terminus gives users access to an extensive database of 70 million businesses with firmographic information that they can use to filter into highly relevant segments. Users can also blend in their own first-party data from their CRMs and marketing automation platforms to further filter to make even more precise segments. Bring in third-party data like Intent data from Bombora or G2 to take it a step further and create target account segments who are already in-market for a solution or service like yours.

Remember, the key to a successful ABM campaign is making your message personal and relevant. Because you can create such specific target account lists, you’re able to generate better engagement by keeping that list precise and making your message relevant to them.

  • One-to-many: Targeting hundreds or thousands of accounts simultaneously is a more efficient way to advertise, but lacks in the specificity needed to create highly engaging campaigns.
  • One-to-few: Targeting dozens or hundreds of accounts is going to give you broad enough coverage yet specific enough targeting to keep your sales development team happy. 
  • One-to-one: The most precise and targeted method - often mentioning the name of the target account in the ad creative - is the most effective and impressive way to create demand, but requires more work up front.
  • Intent-based Targeting: Terminus makes it easy to automate ad campaigns aimed specifically at accounts that are showing intent so you can instantly begin warming them up for your sales development team’s outreach. 

Next Up: Create Demand

Once you’ve built a well-tailored target account list, it’s time to start grabbing their attention. Your ad copy and creative should have something in common with your target account segment. Are they all in a similar industry? Say, manufacturing? Make sure your art and copy is something that resonates with that audience. Are you targeting specific roles like HR? Don’t be afraid to call that out in the ad. The more tailored the target account list is, the more specific your ads can be, and the more exact engagement you can drive. Lastly, consider taking a surround-sound approach to your advertising. Some accounts and deals are going to require a lot of brand impressions in order to create meaningful engagement, which is more easily done by promoting your brand through different channels, like social media, email advertising, content syndication, direct mail, etc.

Now let’s see what happens when target accounts and personas start taking notice and visiting your website.

As accounts begin to take notice of your marketing efforts and click your ads or take a mental note to search for your website later (don’t worry– Terminus tracks both), interesting insights begin to emerge that are important for both marketing and outbound teams to pay attention to. 

Account-based advertising isn’t just about clicks, it’s about generating awareness and interest from your most important accounts. Arguably the best example of genuine interest is when someone sees your ad, remembers it, and searches for your website rather than simply clicking an ad. Terminus is still able to measure this view-through visits by connecting ad impressions with visiting accounts so you can prove that your ad strategy works. And because Terminus knows what accounts are visiting your website, we can help your sales dev team do some pretty impressive stuff. More on that soon

Start Watching Those Accounts Surge

Terminus allows marketing and sales teams to work collaboratively on an account scoring framework. Similar to the lead scoring frameworks of old, an account scoring framework helps go-to-market teams gauge how valuable the account is by weighting more important behaviors more heavily. Some examples of important behaviors are things like visiting multiple web pages in a single visit, visiting a pricing page, or making multiple repeat visits over a period of days. Conversely, behaviors like visiting a careers page or quickly bouncing from a landing page are behaviors that might be less valuable to your team.

Once you’ve got your account scoring framework set up, Terminus will automatically start tracking which of your target accounts are showing engagement and just how engaged they are. Terminus will automatically alert the responsible team member via email when one or more of their assigned accounts are surging (you can also see this through our CRM integrations).

When your outbound or sales team clicks through to the account record, they will be able to see all the activities the contacts within a specific account have taken– what web pages they’re visiting, what campaigns they engaged with and, sometimes, even what specific people are demonstrating that activity. 

To see it in action, watch our Automated Account Prioritization video or go deeper by reading our Guide to Account-Based Sales Activation.

Book More Meetings

With all that information at their fingertips, your sales development reps will be able to make meaningful outreach, tailored to the behaviors the visiting accounts were displaying. Terminus helps sales development reps take the right action at the right time so they can become the new dominant source of opportunities for your company. In fact, a Total Economic Impact Report™ run independently by Forrester found that sales development reps book upwards of 60% more demos when their teams use Terminus. 

Say ‘Hello’!

When you use Terminus ChatX, you can begin to have live conversations with people at target accounts in a single click. Because Terminus ChatX is native to the Terminus Platform, its intelligent chat routing is mapped directly to the reps assigned to given accounts. With our unique Chat From Anywhere™ functionality you’re able to connect Terminus ad clicks directly to dedicated chat pages where your sales development team can begin a live conversation– even if they’re not at their computer. Have your sales development team download the Terminus Mobile App and they’ll be notified anytime a target account is visiting, allowing them to start booking meetings while they’re sitting at home on their couch.

Likewise, anytime someone visits your homepage, Terminus ChatX can intelligently greet visitors by welcoming them by their account name. If no one is around to accept a live chat, that’s okay, because you just programmed a chatbot to collect all the visitor’s information and automate answering their most common questions.

How It All Comes Together

At its core, Terminus allows go-to-market teams to create demand and then harvest demand. Most ABM platforms only give you the option to do one or the other; offering a robust advertising channel but lacking the deep segmentation capabilities or ability to alert your sales team. Or on the flip side, a terrific ability to see who might be interested in your solution but no way to expand your reach and create additional demand. 

As you continue to create and deploy campaigns to targeted account segments, you’ll learn more about what marketing tactics are working, how your sales developement team can more effectively reach out and create opportunities, and ultimately how you can turn your account-based program into the dominant source of revenue for your company. To best optimize, pay attention to these metrics (and think of it as your new demand waterfall). 

Accounts Targeted

  • How many total accounts are you targeting in a particular Terminus segment.

Accounts Reached

  • How many total accounts are you targeting in a particular Terminus tactic.
  • Accounts Targeted ÷ Accounts Reached = Account Reach Rate

Engaged Accounts

  • Of all the accounts you’ve reached, how many of them are showing engagement or are surging?
  • Accounts Reached ÷ Engaged Accounts = Account Engagement Rate

Opportunities Created

  • Out of those surging accounts, how many of them were your sales dev team able to convert into new opportunities?
  • Opportunities Created ÷ Engaged Accounts = Opportunity Creation Rate

Overall Tactic Performance

  • How well is your go-to-market motion creating opportunities? Because all businesses are different, there’s so solid benchmark for opportunity creation. For starters, aim to convert 10% of your target accounts into new opportunities and improve from there. Depending on how targeted you’re starting off, though, your beginning rate might be much, much higher!
  • Opportunities Created ÷ Account Targeted = Target Account to Opportunity Rate

Terminus allows marketing, sales development, sales, and even customer success teams to work in concert, sharing the same data and using it to take the next best action across the entire customer lifecycle. Of all those teams, your sales development team is possibly the most important group to include in your ABM program. They need to work closely with marketing to understand all of the different campaigns they’re running to different segments. They need to use Terminus’ Sales Insights effectively to craft their outbound messaging so that it resonates and creates opportunities for their sales team. At the end of the day, they should feel like a strategic and important part of your go-to-market strategy. If you’re running a best-in-class account-based program, every move they make is intentional and well thought out because of the insights Terminus is able to provide.

For more tips on how to up-level your sales development team and make them more effective in your account-based program, check out our Modern Guide to Outbound Sales and Marketing, co-authored by Outreach and Morgan J. Ingram.