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Greet Website Visitors With Personalized Messaging

In this day and age of B2B marketing, companies are faced with the constantly evolving challenge of catching the attention of prospective buyers and convincing them to download content, request a demo, and share their contact details. The truth is that targeted prospects have developed the ability to “block out noise” that comes from generic ads and other programs clearly built to reach wide audiences and capture as many leads as possible.

Simply put, the days of attracting prospective customers with boring, unoriginal messaging on landing pages and ads are over.

That’s where Terminus Web Experiences comes in to kick this B2B marketing party up a notch. Our inspiration behind creating our very own web personalization tools was to transform the way businesses communicate with their targeted accounts at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

The best part? Many of our awesome customers have already bought into this new era of personalization and have achieved results that speak for themselves.

  • 4.5x increase in content download conversion rate when visitors are served personalized messaging versus generic messaging.
  • 3x increase in time on site when visitors are served targeted and personalized experiences.
  • 50% decrease in bounce rate when visitors are shown personalized and engaging content on page as opposed to non-personalized content.

Now, you may be thinking that it takes endless hours to build out personalized messaging and content across your whole site in order to target your right audiences at the right time. The truth is you can create and launch personalized web experiences from scratch in minutes.

From modals to fly-in banners to even embedded, the possibilities are endless based on the content or CTA you want to share and how granular you want to get when targeting your prospects.

In this example, you can see that we were promoting an upcoming webinar specifically to first-time visitors to our website. 

In this next example, we set up a custom segment of accounts that have visited our website two or more times. If they fit this criteria, we serve them a form to sign up for our monthly newsletter. 

In this example, we are promoting relevant content across our website to drive traffic to certain persona-based features/offerings that can help drive overall awareness of our product.

Do you want to serve customized landing pages to specific targeted lists, industries, and even individual accounts but don’t have the time to build them out on the back end? With the help of Terminus Web Experiences, you can create unique, personalized landing pages with minimal development time so you can spend more time on what you do best: engaging your prospects!

Data analysis is made much easier too with Terminus Web Experiences on your side. Our dual integration with Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics enables you to send firmographic data straight from Terminus into either platform where you can segment based on filters like company size, revenue amount, and more. This helps you discover which of your targeted accounts are responding most positively to your personalized experiences and leading to conversion opportunities.