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Execute 1:1 Strategic Account Targeting & Personalization

Account Discovery:

1:1 accounts require a tight relationship between the account owner and the Strategic ABM Manager. Each Strategic Account Executive can use Terminus to identify their key accounts for the year based on ideal customer profile (ICP) fit, and Account Insights (engagement spikes, intent topics, campaign responses) to prioritize for a surround-sound style approach to 1:1 campaigns. 

In order to get these campaigns off the ground, it’s best if the Account Executive first takes the time to better understand each account by collecting the different data points. Here’s a list of account information we collect for our own strategic accounts within our ABM strategy:

  • What pieces of content/campaigns have they already engaged with?
  • What themes can we pull from their intent topics?
  • What pages on our website have they visited?
  • What is their tech stack? (tip: we use BuiltWith to look into a company’s tech stack)
    • Are they currently using a competitor? 
    • Are they currently using a marketing automation platform (MAP) or customer relationship management (CRM)?
    • Are they leveraging LinkedIn ads? 
    • Do they use other technology that we partner with? 
  • Who is the buying committee?
    • Key influencers
    • Key decision makers
  • Are there any previous closed-lost opportunities?
    • What can we learn from the notes? 
  • Has the AE begun reaching out?
    • What emails or messaging have they engaged with? 
    • Have you had any calls? What’s been the context of those conversations? 

Once enough vital information is collected for each account, it’s time to begin curating the messaging and content for the campaign (we do this by first outlining everything in a slide deck).

Campaign Assets:

Based on the information collected in the previous phase, you can then begin to craft messaging and specific content that will be used as assets for the campaign. For our own campaigns, we leverage the following:

  • Targeted digital advertising
    • Display + LinkedIn
  • Website chat
  • Email signature banners
  • Ceros
  • Uberflip
  • Customer marketing events
  • Field events

Targeted Display Advertising

For our own targeted display ad strategy, we create three different ad sets based on the account information previously collected. The messaging and corresponding landing pages we lead them to could be product specific narratives, or a more general narrative. These ads will either lead to a product specific web page or a 1:1 content experience. Here are a few examples:

LinkedIn Ads + Personalized Content Experiences + Terminus Chat

Continuing with our own example, we then set up 1:1 LinkedIn Conversation ads. Because these accounts are larger, and have robust marketing departments, we can utilize this functionality (LinkedIn requires a minimum audience size of 300 people). 

These personalized inMail messages come from our Strategic ABM Manager, directly to the senior marketing department leads. The messages call out the recipients name, company name, and dedicated Account Executive. Within these personalized conversations, we send them a link to a 1:1 personalized content experience (powered by Uberflip) that has curated content based on our previous account findings, as well as a direct link to live chat (using Terminus Chat) with their Account Executive. 

Why do we use LinkedIn Conversation ads vs. Sponsored Content? Conversation ads are much more cost effective on a 1:1 basis, and see a higher engagement rate. 

Personalized Chat + Content Experiences

For each account, we build a 1:1 chatbot using Terminus Chat. This chat functionality connects directly to the account owner, allowing someone from that account to have a real-time conversation. We have a proactive message that calls out the account name, and the account owner for added personalization. 

We place these chatbots on the 1:1 Uberflip and Ceros pages that we’re directing the account to via display ads, LinkedIn Conversation Ads, and targeted email signature banners.

Targeted and Personalized Email Signature Banners

As the dedicated Account Executive is prospecting the account via email, we use each email sent to the account as an opportunity to wow them with targeted personalization. This is possible with Terminus Email by targeting each account’s email domain with a specific email signature banner. Typically, because we’re still trying to educate the account at this stage and earn their trust, a click on the email signature banner will lead them to our Resource Hub.

Customer Marketing + Field Events

Our most important asset is our customers, so showcasing the success they’re having with Terminus is very important. We work very closely with our Customer Marketing team to align on upcoming events that could be leveraged to invite key contacts from our strategic accounts. 

Why would we do this? It allows these key contacts to learn first-hand from other customers how they’re running ABM and achieving ROI with Terminus. This also allows them to start networking and building a community they can lean on for advice. 

And with the pandemic slowing down and cities opening up, in-market field events will also be utilized to invite key prospects from these strategic accounts. Stay tuned for more on this!

Benchmarks & Key Metrics to Focus On:

  • Number of Accounts Engaged
  • Number of Opportunities Created
  • Pipeline Revenue Generated 
  • Win Rate 
  • Pipeline Velocity 
  • Revenue Per Account