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The Ad Experiences Homepage


The Ad Experiences homepage is where users can view insightful and actionable information about their current advertising efforts, and distill how their campaigns are performing and take action as necessary. 


The homepage will aggregate data from displayretargetingglobal, and LinkedIn-integrated advertising tactics run through the Terminus platform to provide the most complete snapshot of advertising program performance, and trends over time.


The data on the homepage can be filtered to view spend and performance data by several preset date cohorts, including Month to Date, Last 90 Days, and Last Full Quarter. A custom reporting date range for this page is currently not available. 


Terminus Ad Metrics

Just below the date filters are metric detail cards related to advertising spend, and distribution of tactics by type.


The first two cards will give a summary of overall (total) and average daily advertising spend through Terminus for the selected reporting period. The percent change next to the spend amounts will indicate the % increase or decrease in total and average spend for the selected reporting period compared to the equivalent previous timeframe. For example, if you selected a reporting timeframe of "Last 30 Days," spend would be compared to the 30 days prior to the reporting start date.

Total and average spend will also be broken up by tactic type, across display, retargeting, global, and LinkedIn integrated tactics. 

The third card is a graphical representation of the total tactics that served at least one impression in the selected reporting timeframe, broken out by tactic type.  


The performance graph is designed to give a snapshot of how your campaigns are trending overtime.


Above the graph are several summary metrics, including:

  • Tactics: The total tactics that served at least one impression in the selected reporting timeframe.
  • Impressions: The total amount of impressions served, across all tactic types, in the selected reporting timeframe.
  • CPM: The average cost per thousand (Mille) impressions served, within the selected reporting timeframe (CPM = [Spend / Impressions] / 1,000).
  • Clicks: The total ad clicks, across all tactic types, in the selected reporting timeframe.
  • CTR: The average click-thru rate on ads, across all tactic types, in the selected reporting timeframe (CTR = Total Clicks / Total Impressions)
  • Spend: Total amount (dollars) spent on advertising, across all tactic types, in the selected reporting timeframe.

Similar to the metric cards, these metrics will display either a percent increase or decrease for the current selected timeframe compared to the results of the previous timeframe. For CPM, a decrease from the previous timeframe will show as a positive result.


The performance graph can be used to plot impressions, clicks, CTR, spend, and number of running tactics with impressions over the selected timeframe. Only 3 metrics can be plotted at a time on the graph, and they can be adjusted using the dropdown menu in the top right corner. Hovering over the graph will reveal the specific performance details for that day.


Top Performing Tactics and Creatives

Below the performance graph is a snapshot of the top 5 performing advertising tactics, and the top performance ad creative files, in the reporting timeframe.


The Top Tactics card can be filtered to show top performing tactics by number of Clicks, Impressions, or CTR. The table will also indicate what Channel the tactic was served through (Either LinkedIn or Web), and what tactic Type. The total column will also indicate if there was an increase or decrease in tactic performance over the previous reporting timeframe.

Clicking on the tactic name will take you to the Tactic Detail page. Clicking the "View Report" link at the bottom of the card will take you to the Aggregate Tactic report.


Similarly, the Top Creatives report will display the top 5 performing ad creative files based on either Clicks, CTR, or Impressions served. Web-based tactics will display the creative file name in the first column, while LinkedIn-integrated tactics will display the Creative ID number. The card will also display the corresponding file type, and the performance metric with % change (if relevant). 

Clicking the "View Report" link at the bottom of the card will take you to the Aggregate Creative report.


The Aggregate Tactic and Creative reports can also be accessed via the "Quick Links" dropdown menu at the top of the page. Customers can also create a new advertising campaign from the homepage, via the "Create Campaign" page.